Executive Ballistic Briefcase

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Product Description

This unique Ballistic briefcaseis a must for anybody who has to travel in areas where your personal safety is at risk. Using a patented material which is lightweight (6kgs/m2) yet incredibly strong, to line the bottom of the case, nobody would know you have a briefcase that will stop all hand guns and semi automatic weapons up to NIJ IIIA level of certification.

Heaven forbid you ever have to use it to possibly save your life, the ballistic briefcase can make the difference.The protection is discreet and if placed in front of your body or head , it will stop all bullets and shotgun slugs (except armour piercing) aimed at you.

The ideal gift or companion for travellers in areas of conflict or serious crime, the material has been tested and certified at a UK firing range from a range of 5 metres, stopping shotgun slugs, bullets from "Dirty Harry's" gun as well as from semi automatic weapons.

You can see from the main picture the amount of energy created when a bullet hits the material, distorting it, but there is no penetration.

Choose from any of the two briefcases shown or any other case in our range and we will be pleased to line it.

Dimensions will be as per the case you select, colour, you choose as well.

Weight just add approx 1kg to the weight of the case, unbelievable but true.

Are you worth it?